Valentine's Day 2020 - #QSSCLOVE Stories

The week before Valentine's Day, we reached out to QSSC teams & players on social media and out at the games for their stories of #QSSCLOVE. The response has been incredible, and we've compiled all the stories below! We hope they give you a smile, and show how friends, family and yes, even love can all be enhanced through sport.

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Meet Chris and Tracy!

They are a couple who play multiple sports with QSSC, including dodgeball and softball. They joined dodgeball together a year ago, and they play dodgeball against other rival softball players! You can feel the competitiveness & sportsmanship from them out on the battlefield. 


Meet Karen, Andrew and Olivia!

They all met on the individual volleyball team last season and then joined up this season to try dodgeball with QSSC! They have created some strong friendships through the league, and use it outside in their social life as well. They are planning to sign back up for volleyball next season together as well! 


Meet The Mixers!

They have all played different sports with QSSC, from All-Sorts-of-Sports to Floor Hockey and Beach Volleyball. Now they have come together to play Court Volleyball this season! They have created lasting friendships on and off the court not only with teammates, but with other teams as well. Awesome!

Whether it’s coming in early to catch-up with friends or going out for a drink after games, they like to enjoy the bond that QSSC helped bring!


Meet Le-Anne and James!

Le-Anne and James met 3 years ago on Valentines Day. How's that for a love story?! Thanks for playing with us, you two!


Family that plays together, stays together! This family plays sports to show love for one another while staying healthy. Paisley, the baby, comes to every game while Summer and Luke’s team mates watch over her. The world of sport brings us together.

Thank you to the whole family for being with QSSC!


Meet Taylor and Brianna!

When Taylor and Brianna recently moved back to the area, they decided to try out All Sorts of Sports with QSSC. Despite being very tall, Taylor has never played volleyball before so they gave it a shot together! They are currently in their second season of Recreational Volleyball and playing with the Baby Yodas. They make a great team on the court as much as off of it!


Meet The Baby Yodas!

The force is strong with the Baby Yodas in QSSC's Recreational Volleyball league! Taylor and Brianna are a couple, Joe and George met through All Sorts of Sports, and Benson got into QSSC through members who play with him in local sports, just to name a few! They credit their friend Markie who apparently brought everyone together behind the scenes!


Meet "Bumpin Uglies"!

"One day we were all in this random grocery store parking lot, when suddenly out of nowhere these deadly ninja assassins appear and are ruthlessly attacking us. Everyone ran from the lot except for us brave individuals, and we rallied to defeat them with our rare and collective awesomeness. From that day forward, we assemble every Tuesday night for Recreational Volleyball as the Bumpin' Uglies."