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Dragon Boating *NEW*

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What you need to know about Dragon Boating!


What is Dragon Boating?

A dragon boat team consists of 20 paddlers sitting two abreast, a Cox who steers the dragon boat from the rear, and a drummer who sits at the front.

The team of paddlers work in unison to propel the boat forward from a standing start, the aim being to reach the finish line in the fastest time. Generally a race consists of between 4 and 6 boats.

Teams can be all men, all women, or a mixed crew with equal numbers of both men and women. Timing, strength and endurance are 3 key elements of a successful team; the fourth and most critical is teamwork. It is for this reason that the sport has achieved such a high profile around the world. 

We encouraged to "have a go" in this exciting sport that epitomizes a team spirit.


Instructor information is coming soon.  Click HERE to read the coaching bio.

# of People per Class

Minimum 20 paddlers.


Required Equipment

QPC will provide the dragon boat, paddles and PFDs (life jackets).  You bring the enthusiasm!  Paddlers should wear athletic gear that can get wet and bring a water bottle.




Paddlers are required to wear a PFD.


Dragon Boating takes place out of the Victoria Harbour in Belleville.