Corporate Events & Teams

The Power of Sport

If you are looking for a way to build teamwork and camaraderie within your staff while keeping them happy and healthy, then you have found the right place! 

The Quinte Sport and Social Club (QSSC) offers adult co-ed, recreational sports leagues, tournaments, outdoor adventure, and social events for people ages 19+.  Our leagues and events are a great way to exercise and stay healthy, expand social networks, and try new sports! 

Getting out of the office and balancing work and play is rewarding for both employees and employers alike.  Studies have shown that workplace physical activity programs can reduce sick leave by up to 32% and increase productivity by 52%.  The bottom line – healthy employees result in decreased absenteeism, turnover and illnesses and increased cooperation, production and profits.   

Benefits of QSSC Corporate Teams

  • Engaging in sports helps reduce stress and increase physical and mental health
  • Healthier employees = lower health insurance costs
  • Opportunity to network and meet new people
  • Exposure to new sports
  • Improved interoffice relationships with colleagues
  • Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism

Multiple Team Discount

Is your company looking to register multiple teams?  All additional teams after the first team are subject to a Multiple Sport Discount!  You are eligible to receive 10% off fees on 2nd team, 20% off on 3rd team, 30% off on 4th team, and 40% off on 5th team.

Why Play With QSSC?

All you have to do is sign up and QSSC will take care of the rest!  We will help make this experience as fun and as easy as possible for you and your group!  Not only do we take care of scheduling and venues, we also provide teams with all of the sports equipment needed to play in our leagues (such as balls, sticks, nets, etc.).  In addition, we also provide complete start-to-finish administration of our leagues including:

  • A user-friendly online registration process
  • An introductory email template to send to your team introducing QSSC
  • An information package to your appointed team captain prior to the league start (includes schedule, equipment, promotional items, etc.)
  • Access to a live customer service agent for inquiries
  • Single point of contact for sport registration/communication/scheduling
  • Direct access through our website to team schedules/standings
  • Pre-season Kick Off Meeting/Party and an End of season Wrap-Up Party
  • Discounts at local retailers and pubs where players are invited post-game to continue the field/court fun over drinks and free food!

Corporate Events

Is your company looking to organize something active for its employees or clients?  Are you looking for an opportunity to bring together staff to build and create relationships that go beyond the office?  Let QSSC customize corporate team-building activities for you! 

We can organize weekend, weekday, or evening tournaments and group development exercises to meet your company’s needs.  We work side-by-side with you to develop a customized experience focused around leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, teamwork, and more!  All of our corporate team activities are interactive, full of adventure, and emphasize business relations and group bonding.  Contact Jonas for customized events and rate packages.

We promise to deliver an event that is fun, memorable, and valuable!


For more information on how we can meet YOUR company’s needs, please contact:

Matt Linton
Quinte Sport & Social Club