Calendar of Events

Winter 2018 Meet & Greet

January 12, 2018 from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Date:  Friday, January 12, 2018

Location - SlapShots Bar & Grill (151 Cannifton Rd)

Time: 7:00pm

What's it all about? Each season we host a Meet & Greet event which brings members of QSSC together to meet your new teammates, celebrate the upcoming season with old teammates, share important league information, pick-up your team’s equipment (if required) and generally have a great time!  

Individuals Meet & Greet

Sign up as an Individual? – This is when you will meet your teammates for the first time, create a team name, nominate a captain, pick up your equipment (if required) and decide on a jersey colour.  Tables in the restaurant will have assigned teams with your name on it.  When you arrive, simply find your team’s table and introduce yourself!  Your Evening League Facilitator (Brad) and the QSSC Staff will be going around to each table to provide you with key information about the league and answer any questions your team may have.

Captains Equipment Pick-Up (For Team Registrations Only)

Already familiar with QSSC, or new to QSSC and signed up a full team?  This is when you pick up your team equipment (if needed), decide on a jersey colour, create a fun team name and have a few beers with your teammates.  Also, we can help with any questions you may have regarding the season!

Equipment Pick-Up and Return

MAKE SURE YOUR TEAM HAS EQUIPMENT.  If you are a team captain and can't make the Meet & Greet, please send someone else from your team.  We will NOT be delivering equipment to you at your first game.

Certain sports with QSSC require equipment that each team must have.  Check out your sport below and make sure someone on your team has picked up the gear!  All equipment requires a deposit which you will get back at the end of the season.  You can only pay by credit card online.

*NOTE* Equipment deposits can be made through our website or by calling our office at 613-210-8326 x 114. You can also return your equipment from previous seasons to get your deposit back.

Dodgeball – 2 Dodgeballs ($75 deposit) - QSSC Dodgeballs are mandatory.

Volleyball – 1 volleyball ($75 deposit) - QSSC Volleyball is not mandatory, but teams must bring a ball to each game.

Basketball – 1 basketball ($75 deposit) - QSSC Basketball is not mandatory, but teams must bring a ball to each game.

Futsal - A futsal ball is provided at the game, but teams are encouraged to bring their own.

All Sorts of Sports – no equipment required and will be provided one site.  All you need is a fun and social attitude!

Floor Hockey – no equipment required and will be provided one site by your game coordinator!